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Patient Assessment - Post Graduate

Course Code: POST 500

This theoretical course is designed to assist nurses to refine their assessment skills to a higher level in order to obtain data to complete the health history and physical examination of a variety of adult clients. Assessment throughout the lifespan along with cultural and spiritual differences of adult clients will be discussed. The content will focus on culture and diversity, communication and therapeutic nurse or client relationships, safety, interviewing, history-taking, pain and physical and psychosocial assessments. The following systems respiratory, cardiovascular gastrointestinal, genito-urinary, musculoskeletal and neurological will be examined across the lifespan. Emphasis will focus on differentiating normal from abnormal findings to assist the nurse to move appropriately from data collection to nursing diagnosis. Students are expected to take an active role in group discussion, assessment, demonstrations and practice. The learning format will include in-class and online methodologies, such as lectures, reflective practice, case studies, demonstrations and critical discussions.

Required Text: Jarvis, C. (2014). In Browne, A., McDonald-Jenkins, J., & Luckktar-Flude, M. (Eds.), Physical Examination and Health Assessment: Canadian Edition (2nd ed). Toronto: Elsevier.

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