Media & Creative Arts Programs

The Humber Cultural Hub will be home to Humber’s award-winning music, creative arts and media production programs and will enable Humber’s students to realize their full potential.

Humber Music is a system of music education that has consistently produced many of the most successful commercial and jazz musicians in Canada and the world. Humber’s capacity to expand programs and enrolment to support Canada’s thriving screen-based and animation industry and meet the burgeoning demand for skilled talent will be amplified through the Cultural Hub.

The Humber Cultural Hub will create new opportunities for Humber to enhance program quality and student experience by incorporating purpose-built facilities and technologies to support excellence in education, attracting top talent and expanding our focus on performance-based, student-centred learning.

Creating state-of-the-art performance and production spaces and outfitting them with professional-quality equipment will elevate the quality and range of academic programming and creative content development at Humber.

The Cultural Hub will serve as the backdrop to nurture and showcase Humber’s talented students in music, film and media production, acting, and technical production, and create opportunities for research and multidisciplinary project-based learning involving AR/VR/XR, and user experience. The Multidisciplinary Performance Hall will feature immersive video and audio technologies to create unique audience experiences that include esports tournaments, as well as supporting broader programming within Humber College and the community.

Leveraging the Cultural Hub’s advanced technologies and systems, Humber will be able to further expand creative programming and services to remote, underserved communities in Canada and abroad through digital platforms and collaborative networks.

Here’s a look at some of Humber’s accomplished Media and Creative Arts Program grads

Photo of Giacomo Gianniotti

Giacomo Gianniotti

Theatre Arts - Performance, 2012
Actor, Producer, Writer
Laila Biali portrait

Laila Biali

Music, 2002
Singer, Pianist, Songwriter, Performer, Recording Artist
Debra DiGiovanni,

Debra DiGiovanni

Comedy Writing and Performance, 2000
Dina Pugliese

Dina Pugliese

Journalism, 1999
Former Co-Host, Breakfast Television Toronto
George Stroumboulopoulos portrait

George Stroumboulopoulos

Radio Broadcasting, 1993
TV & Radio Host