Accessible Learning Services Best Practice Considerations - Accommodating Tests/Exams on Blackboard or CourseLink

Enhancing Institutional EDI Knowledge of Disability and Academic Accessibility: 

  • Post reminders on Blackboard (Humber) or CourseLink (Guelph-Humber) of upcoming test/exam dates. 

  • Remind students to notify you in advance if they require test/exam accommodations.  

  • Consider creating two (2) versions of each test/exam to cover situations where students may need to write on a different day than the rest of the class for disability-related reasons or other extenuating circumstances. 

  • Consider opening the test/exam for a window of time (e.g. 24 hours) to allow students some additional flexibility.  

Visit our ALS Information for Faculty website to learn more about accommodating students with disabilities. 

Please email us at with suggestions for key accessibility-related topics that you would like us to address through the Communiqué.