Black History is Everybody's History: Did You Know?

February 2

Content alert: The content below talks, explicitly, about the horrific mutilation of Black bodies. Please note that this content can be extremely upsetting but it is a history we must never forget lest we redo it. Please prepare yourself to listen and read, take care of yourself as you listen and read, and take care of yourself after you listen and read.

Did you know that between 1880 and 1930 more than 3,000 Black men, women and children were lynched in the United States? And did you know that in some cases their bodies were mutilated and kept as souvenirs? (Young, 2005).


Billie Holiday - "Strange Fruit" Live 1959 [Reelin' In The Years Archives] - YouTube


Listen carefully and intently.

Young, H. (2005). The Black Body as Souvenir in American Lynching. Theatre Journal, 57(4), 639–657.