Career Milestones Recognition - July 2022

Congratulations to all our employees celebrating Career Milestones in July!

The following employees are celebrating their 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25-year anniversary with Humber. We encourage you to reach out to your colleagues to congratulate them on their Career Milestones!

1 Year

5 Years

10 Years

15 Years

20 Years

25 Years

Nadine Finlay

Hope Huggins

Barry Mark

Jimmy Vincent

Jeremy Brooks

Barbara Riach

Jesika Ewen

Arshad Yadam

Nick Palazzo

Jennifer O’Reilly

Cheryl Nicholas


Barath Roy Michel

Larry Da Cunha

Glenn Hanna

Victor Morgan



Pulkit Agarwal

Rebecca Dart

Joy Borman

Mary Anne Myers



Nichole Molinaro

Kelly Jackson

Stefanie-Alexis Read




Irtifa Khan

Naba Chaudhry

Michael MacDougall




Although we do our best to ensure we don't miss anyone, sometimes it happens. If we have missed anyone on this list, our sincere apologies. Please let us know so we can correct our records and ensure the employee receives recognition.

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