Christine Hsu, Manager Education & Training, Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion

Please join me in welcoming Christine Hsu in the position of Manager Education & Training, Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion.

Christine is a first generation immigrant settler who moves through the world as a nonbinary, genderfluid and queer woman of colour. While she is temporarily able-bodied and grew up with lean body privilege as a multi-sport athlete, she lives with an invisible disability and chronic pain. They use their lived experiences of simultaneously being targeted for her identities and accessing privileges to connect and inform their intersectional anti-oppression practices.

They have been doing intersectional 2SLGBTQIA+ inclusion work for more than 12 years, particularly at the intersections of social justice and body movement including systems change work to enable trans and nonbinary inclusion in all levels and specifically high performance sports across Canada. Her EDI work experiences, including gender-based violence prevention and support and body liberation and disability justice work, have ranged from being in healthcare, nonprofit, government, to tech and private corporate, and higher education settings.

They have designed, developed and delivered training on topics such as EDI, AODA & human rights compliance, trauma-informed care, leadership development and management training, relationship and consent education, and conflict transformation. She has facilitated and coached executive leaders on EDI for systems change work with success. Their work has been done with a focus on enabling access, safety and autonomy in collective community care with trauma-informed and healing-centered approach. Grounded in minimizing harm, transformative justice and community relationships building, she practices her core values by ensuring that the experiential learning in EDI centers the livelihoods of and directly benefits the very communities that are vulnerabilized and marginalized.

They are an Ontario certified educator (I/S), and movement coach with a Bachelor of Physical & Health Education from University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Education from Ontario Institute of Studies In Education, and an Adult Education Certificate from St. Francis Xavier University. They are in the process of obtaining their CTDP designation.

Christine starts her position on July 4, 2022 and will report to the Director, Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion.

Kind regards,

Nancy Simms
Director, Human Rights, Equity & Inclusion