Dean of Applied Tech Visits Kenya to Transform TVET Programs

Dr. Farzad Rayegani, Dean of the School of Applied Technology, recently returned from a capacity-building trip to Kisumu National Polytechnic (NP) in Kenya, as part of the Kenya Education for Employment Project (KEFEP). Funded by Global Affairs Canada through Colleges and Institutes Canada, and implemented by Humber's International Development Insitute (IDI), along with partners Durham College, Selkirk College and Vancouver Island University, KEFEP is helping Kenya to transform its technical and vocational training programs to be more closely aligned with industry, and to graduate students who are equipped to make important contributions to Kenya’s economy.

Working closely with his Kenyan counterparts, Farzad led discussions around the importance of having industry relevant curriculum, and engaging with real-world projects. He facilitated Kisumu NPs first-ever Industry Advisory Committee meeting, and was a key-note speaker and panelist at Kisumu NP’s International Conference on Science technology and Innovations for Wealth Creation and Sustainable Development (March 13-16). During industry visits, Farzad was even able to provide on-the-spot troubleshooting at the Coca-Cola and sugar plants – his industry experience was shining through!

Farzad also participated at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TEVT) Fair, reviewing student’s projects and provided feedback to faculty and students.

“The future lies in the hands of today's youth around the world, the future is bright. In building that future, global educational engagement like KEFEP is the key”, said Farzad Rayegani. "As a leading global polytechnic institution, it is our vision to create a transformational educational experience locally and around the world through global educational partnerships".

Farzad will be returning to Kenya in November, to lend further expertise to Humber’s partners at Kisumu NP in their new program development, through co-teaching sessions, developing industry projects and classroom observations. Over the next three years, Humber will continue to provide guidance and support to our Kenyan partners as they transition to a competency based, industry-focused approach to curriculum design and delivery.

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