Humber College COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Statement

The health and safety of our community has been our top priority throughout the pandemic. Earlier this week we provided an update on the health and safety measures planned for the Fall 2021 term, including that physical distancing requirements and indoor mask wearing will continue to be in place across our campuses and facilities.

Following yesterday’s provincial announcement, Humber will be adding to these measures by introducing a COVID-19 vaccination policy for students, employees, contractors and any visitors to the college’s campuses or facilities.

This new policy will be in effect for the Fall term and supports previously announced requirements for varsity athletes, students living in residence and those involved with programs with specific work-integrated learning experiences that already require staff/students to be fully vaccinated.

Under the new policy, by October 18, individuals coming to campus or a Humber facility in person must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated, or that they have received an exemption from the college based on human rights (including medical) or conscientious grounds.

As a first step in implementing this policy, students and employees will need to declare their vaccination status by September 7 as a part of a Fall 2021 Return to Campus acknowledgement. 

The Return to Campus acknowledgment will be sent by email to employees and students by the end of August. Those who are not partially or fully vaccinated will be required to begin an application for exemption by September 7. Information for the exemption process will be provided as part of the Return to Campus acknowledgment.

Humber will work with exempted individuals on a case-by-case basis to find a reasonable and appropriate approach to accommodation. This may include alternative health and safety requirements, like regular rapid testing, or a transition to remote learning or work, where possible.

Proof of full vaccination must be provided by October 18. We will share details early in the Fall term about the process for providing that proof. The process will be designed to ensure that any personal health information submitted to the college will be secure and confidential.

The final policy will be informed by relevant provincial and public health directives for colleges and universities. Full details of the new policy will be shared with the Humber community once it is complete.

An FAQ has been created to help provide further information and will be updated on an ongoing basis as more information is available. Students who may have further questions should contact, and employees should speak with their manager.

I know this continues to be a challenging time and want to remind you that supports and assistance for students and employees are available. Information on vaccines and vaccine clinic locations is available on Humber’s Return to Campus website.

From the beginning of the pandemic, health and safety at Humber has been a shared responsibility. Thank you for your ongoing cooperation as we continue to work to ensure a safe return to campus.

Chris Whitaker
President and CEO