Humber Libraries: eBook Collections Access Change

In order to provide easier access to the O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform and ProQuest eBook Central collections, the Library is switching to an authentication model where users log-in directly to the platforms with their Humber credentials.

This change will take place on June 6 for O'Reilly and June 8 for eBook Central.

What this means for eBook Central users:

  • eBook Central book links in Blackboard or Library Course Resources pages won't change.
  • Bookshelf items and notes will not be moved over to a new user profile. Please see the vendor support guide for options.

What this means for O'Reilly web and mobile users:

  • O'Reilly/Safari book links in Blackboard or Library Course Resources pages will not redirect and must be replaced.
  • Email for assistance with updating any O'Reilly book links. 
  • Playlist items and notes will not be moved over to your new user profile. Please see the vendor support guide for options.

Questions about library resource access can be directed to