International Student Ambassador YouTube Campaign

Friday, September 7, 2018
Vedika Taunk

In May 2018, Humber International’s student ambassador team launched a video series geared towards answering common questions asked by prospective international students.

So far, the videos series has covered topics such as ‘What is a SIN’, ‘How to open a bank account’ and ‘Weather in Toronto.’ The video on ‘How to upload your Study Permit’, the most watched video of the series, has had more than 2,600 views.

The video series has had a strong impact on Humber International’s YouTube presence. The series has led to an increase of 125 per cent in our subscriber base and total video views is up by about 50 per cent. Countries with the highest viewership are India, Canada (international students already in the country), Indonesia, Jamaica and Brazil.

With 2,356 YouTube channel subscribers, we now have the largest number of subscribers among other colleges in the GTA. Humber College’s main channel has 6,300 subscribers. To view, share or subscribe to our YouTube channel, please click here.