IT Client Services Presents: Storage Whiz - Choose Your Destiny

Graphic image of Storage Whiz Robot

A long time ago, in a college not so far, far away...

The time has finally come. B3-04 and IT Client Services, would like to take you on a voyage through space, your H-Drive and OneDrive space that is! After many years of using H-Drive, we will be saying good-bye on June 29, 2022. Some of you may have already booked or completed training, but whether you have or not, join us as we guide you through a successful transfer of your H-Drive to your OneDrive space! 

Choose your destiny with this fun, interactive video presented by IT Client Services. The link below will take you to Microsoft Forms where you will be presented with a series of video clip scenarios for you to choose from. Click the ‘play’ button on the first video to begin your journey! At the end of each video, you will be prompted to answer a question. Choose the answer that best suits you, and a new video will load for you to watch. You will know you are victorious, when B3-O4 gives you the title ‘Storage Whiz’! 

Choose your 'Storage Whiz' destiny!