Retirement: Brenda Webb

Brenda Webb has worked in the Faculty of Social & Community Services within the Child and Youth Care program for more than 20 years. She has been a professor, a curriculum expert, a program coordinator, and an award winner, she has sat on too many committees to list, she is a mentor and a fierce advocate for quality postsecondary CYC education. 

Brenda has supported hundreds of students to overcome challenges and barriers to complete the advanced diploma in Child and Youth Care. This is because Brenda is truly dedicated in every sense of the word to student success and believes in the potential of each person she encounters. Brenda is truly strength-based in her approach to teaching and leadership. Every colleague and student who has worked with Brenda in her time at Humber has grown and benefitted from her as a role model. Brenda inspires people to be kind, hopeful, open-hearted and believe in themselves.

Brenda has demonstrated a sincere dedication to being current and innovative. She never wavered from her belief that, as professors in helping professions, we must practice what we teach. Many of the great things in our CYC programs here at Humber exist due to Brenda's dedication and hard work. She will be missed as she moves onto retirement but the lessons she has taught many will remain part of how we work. We would like to wish Brenda a wonderful retirement and to enjoy the next chapter! 

June MacDonald-Jenkins
Senior Dean, Faculty of Social and Community Services
Principal of Lakeshore Campus