The Staff Lounge Podcast: Humanizing the Online Learning Experience

Humanizing the Online Learning Experience

The LMS is now an indispensable tool in higher education. But how do we maintain a human centred approach to pedagogy? In this second episode of our two-part series on LMS in Higher Learning, we are joined by Humber FMCA Faculty members, Cynthia Young and Mark-Anthony Karam, who explore strategies to ensure that your LMS design reflects your teaching philosophy and process.

“I think pace and flow…become a really important thing, and this concept of ‘breathe at the beginning of the week and reflect at the end of the week’ is a really great way. And it sets them up in the professional environment as well.”
- Cynthia Young, PC and Faculty, Content Strategy Certificate and User Experience (UX) Design graduate certificate, FMCA

“Just like you want your students to be authentic with their projects, you be authentic with your teaching style. Don’t be afraid to put a piece of you in your teaching; those are the things your students respect.”
- Mark-Anthony Karam, Faculty, FMCA

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