Staff Lounge Podcast New Episode

The Staff Lounge Podcast new episode: Virtual Success: Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Looking to create a unique, real world experience for students? Could interdisciplinary collaboration be the solution?

In this episode, Professor Shirantha Beddage chats with FMCA Professors Eva Ziemsen, Umer Noor and Matthew Mazza about their award-winning collaboration that brings together Film and Multiplatform Storytelling students with Game Programming students. Professors Ziemsen, Noor and Mazza discuss how the interdisciplinary collaboration evolved into a successful and exciting learning experience for faculty and learners.

This innovative project introduced creative film students to game programmers, and challenged them to collaborate on a virtual production. A true first for all involved. We hear how the project took the professors' teaching practice to another level, and what faculty members learned from each other along the way. This collaboration is a powerful example of what makes Humber an innovative leader in Higher Education.

"One big learning outcome is that they all speak a bit of each other’s lingo now... It’s good to know, because the industry has so many jobs available, and so many people who cannot fill them because they’ve never been exposed to this... These students from different backgrounds need to understand each other’s languages and domains."
— Eva Zeimsen, Faculty, Film and Multi-platform Storytelling, FMCA

"[Programming is] extremely collaborative. Programmers are in code reviews, or design meetings, or they’re chatting with artists or art directors. And these people all think differently It is key to communicate with these people and find common ground."
— Matthew Mazza, PT Faculty, Game Programming, FMCA

"It really touches my heart, Matthew, that your [Game Programming] students really felt they wanted to make a good end product for the Film students. From a curriculum standpoint…these Collaborative courses feel so much more real."
— Umer Noor, Program Coordinator, Game Programming, FMCA

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