Sustainability Spotlight Series

This month we are putting the Sustainability Spotlight on Rossie Kadiyska (she/her) and Vladimira Steffek (she/her) from Humber’s Fashion Management and Promotions Post-Graduate Certificate Program.  

Rossie and Vladimira are passionate about sustainability. As educators, they take action by teaching students about sustainable fashion methods and business practices. Through their work, they also try to build the leaders of tomorrow and citizens that respect the Earth and its ecosystems.   

When discussing the evolution of the fashion industry and its connection to sustainability, Vladimira states, “I believe that sustainability is something that should not only be part of the fashion world, but it should also be part of the world of education overall.” 

To watch Rossie’s and Vladimira’s feature interview and learn more about their commitment to sustainability at Humber visit the Office of Sustainability’s YouTube channel at this link Sustainability Spotlight: Rossie Kadiyska & Vladimira Steffek - YouTube