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Humber College, geographically and historically, is tied to the Humber River. It is uniquely situated along the watershed, which historically provided an integral connection and meeting ground known as Adobigok or Place of the Alders in the Objibwe language for aboriginal peoples between the lakeshore of Ontario and the Lake Simcoe-Georgian Bay region. 

Bordering the North campus, the Humber River meanders south towards Lakeshore campus and eventually converges with Lake Ontario. All three campuses boast unique and engaging green spaces for student and faculty enjoyment. 

The Humber College Donor Wall takes inspiration from these green spaces and the river itself. As a whole, the donor wall becomes like the river. Each tile represents a single stone in the riverbed, influencing and directing the flow of the water creating an ever-changing, shimmering surface. One that forms a memorable image and larger metaphor for the College. Like stones in a riverbed, our donors and alumni represent the foundation of the river supporting and influencing Humber students. Represented by the water and channeled by the riverbed, our students are able to flow through the College to pursue their dreams and advance in their career journey.

While each individual element can stand alone, they create something remarkable together.

Press Release

Toronto, Ontario – Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning has opened Gratitude Hall, a new space at the North Campus dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the college’s donors, supporters, alumni and friends. 

The hall’s centerpiece is Humber’s first donor and alumni recognition wall that combines unique hexagon-shaped plaques and digital interactive screens. Individuals and organizations whose cumulative contributions have reached or exceeded $10,000 are recognized on the wall as a permanent acknowledgement of their generosity. The wall includes the names of 350 donors who have collectively given millions of dollars to Humber since its opening in 1967. 

“Gratitude Hall is our way of saying thank you to our many generous donors and partners while also honouring our more than 215,000 alumni,” said Chris Whitaker, president, Humber College. “We chose the hall’s name to convey Humber’s sincere appreciation of its many supporters and the importance of their commitment to make the college a vibrant place for students to learn, grow and thrive.”

The design of the donor recognition wall is inspired by the connection between the college, the Humber River and the green spaces surrounding the campus. Each donor plaque represents a stone in the riverbed, the foundation of the river, representing the donor’s generosity and support. Students are represented by the water flowing through the college, as they advance in their career journey. 

"Having a permanent on campus symbol of Humber’s gratitude to our benefactors shows that their support is, and has been crucial, to ensuring that the college provides the best possible education and learning environment for our students. It also serves to remind us of the importance of philanthropy in advancing Humber’s mission,” said Brien Gray, Chair, Humber Board of Governors.

Gratitude Hall Donors

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