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Bruce MacLellan of Proof Strategies supports Humber students in time of crisis

Bruce MacLellan, founding president and CEO of Proof Strategies, and his wife Karen Girling have proven to be there for Humber College students when they need it the most. Their gift is providing much needed scholarship and emergency fund support to students in the Bachelor of Public Relations program who are struggling financially. The emergency funds are having a particularly strong impact as they help students overcome challenges related to the COVID-19 public health crisis.

During these unprecedented times, students are facing financial hardships related to tuition, books, rent and food – and they have lost jobs they relied on to help pay for these expenses. The Proof Strategies Student Fund is providing support to Bachelor of Public Relations students in need, including:

  • A parent who is struggling to finish their classwork while dealing with ongoing health treatments
  • A young student who did not have enough funds to make it home to their family overseas
  • A member of the Armed Forces Reserves whose upcoming exercises and related income were cancelled, leaving them with no source of income
  • A student with an ongoing respiratory illness who spent their savings stockpiling medication, leaving them with no money to pay for groceries and other bills

This gift has not only provided these students with immediate financial relief, it has given them hope and enabled them to continue working towards their future goals. Ongoing support in the form of scholarships will also ensure that students are supported in this time of great need, but also over the long term.

“It’s very important that we support students in need when crises occur,” says MacLellan. “We must also promote access to public relations studies for people of all backgrounds, helping overcome barriers to entry. The need in 2020 will be greater than we have seen in generations, and I hope others will join in offering support.”

MacLellan is currently chairman and CEO of Proof Strategies, a public affairs and government relations firm employing 175 people across Canada. An active volunteer, he is Chair of the Public Relations Program Advisory Committee at Humber College, as well as past Chair of the Nature Conservancy of Canada and a member of the Board of Canada’s National History Society. His commitment to the environment and to corporate leadership has resulted in Proof Strategies becoming the first North American marketing firm to be carbon-neutral and was recently listed #19 in the Best Workplaces in Canada.

Humber College is deeply grateful for MacLellan’s commitment to ensuring the future remains unlimited for Humber students.