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Follett of Canada puts students first by supporting those affected by COVID-19

Follett of Canada, Inc. has donated $100,000 to Humber College as part of their current long-term partnership agreement. Humber will use this donation to support emergency funding for students affected by COVID-19. Follett’s generous gift is supporting students through the pandemic and giving them the chance to continue their education as the new school year approaches.

Follett is the largest campus store operator in North America, with more than 1,200 local bookstores and 1,700 online stores nationwide. Their partnership with Humber began over 25 years ago and continues to grow.

As part of their partnership, Follett works directly with Humber to deliver course materials, supplies and resources that help students learn in the most affordable and efficient ways possible. They place a priority on continually improving this aspect of the student experience so students can maximize their learning potential and achieve success both in school and after they graduate.

Follett maintains a presence on campus every day and knows firsthand that affordability in education can be a challenge, even in the best of times. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many students faced exceptional circumstances – as part of the Humber community, Follett stepped in and contributed to the Support Our Students (SOS) Fund.

“As a partner for the past 25-plus years, the focus of all we do in our stores is geared towards Humber students,” said Jeff MacLean, regional manager, sales and operations for Follett. “This donation is our way of giving back to Humber and showing our appreciation for the loyal support that the Humber community gives our campus stores each and every semester.”

Humber is grateful to Follett for their continued partnership and for going above and beyond to support students in their time of greatest need. “We’re proud of our relationship with Humber, and being an active partner helps to maintain the strong Humber spirit that we all strive to uphold,” said MacLean.