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Gift from alumnus honours wife’s legacy and pays it forward

Terry Philp (Paralegal Certificate, ’02) looks back on his time as a mature student at Humber College fondly. Terry and his wife Beverley decided to move to Canada from the UK in 1988. With his background in policing, Terry began a career in security while Beverley worked in nursing at both Mount Sinai Hospital and William Osler Hospital. After 14 years working in security, Terry decided to enrol at Humber in paralegal studies.

While studying at Humber, Terry was also raising a family and paying off a mortgage, and finances were very tight. He remembers visiting the bursary office and asking for information on how to apply, and after providing his transcript, being told that his stellar academic performance merited two bursaries. He was floored by this generosity, which helped him and Beverley a great deal – and he vowed to give back to Humber one day.

Terry was impressed that the instructors and professors at Humber were people who currently worked in the profession and were well-respected. He also made lasting connections with his instructors – one gave him tickets to a seminar on civil litigation, while Terry ended up working with another for a few years after graduating. Humber was a place that he was able to establish important professional connections and relationships built on mutual respect. He eventually went on to establish his own practice, and recently retired after a long and successful career.

Beverley Philp also enjoyed a successful career in nursing, retiring from her role as Program Director of the Maternal and Child Program at Humber River Hospital in 2018. Together, Terry and Beverley enjoyed retirement until she passed away in 2020 after a short illness. Terry remembered his earlier vow to give back to Humber, recently establishing two scholarships in memory of his wife. “I always thought that if I won the lottery, I would give money to Humber College. Well, I haven’t won the lottery, but I do want to give, and I am not going to wait any longer!” he says.

Beverley was a dedicated and compassionate healthcare provider throughout her career. The two scholarships created in her name are a lasting testament to her life’s work. The Beverley Elaine Philp Entrance Scholarship supports students in the Bachelor of Science – Nursing Program who self-identify as Black/African women, while the Beverley Elaine Philp Memorial Scholarship supports Nursing students who have a passion for maternal and child healthcare, just as Beverley did.

Terry’s motivation to support Humber students stems not only from his gratitude in receiving support as a student, but also to honour Beverley’s legacy and the important work she carried out throughout her life. These new scholarships will provide encouragement to many students who will follow in Beverley’s footsteps for years to come. As for Terry’s hopes for the students he supports, he says, “I hope that they will be as dedicated as Beverley was to her patients and to her work in maternal and child health care.”