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Scholarships can play a critical role in helping to develop a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable PR/Communications industry. Scholarships ensure students can complete their education and fosters a pipeline of students from diverse backgrounds entering the sector.

With financial support, students can focus on their studies and take part in work-integrated and experiential learning opportunities rather than maintaining part-time work in jobs unrelated to their future careers to pay for tuition and living costs.

Through supporting students in this way, we ensure they can stay in school and become the next leaders in Public Relations.

How Scholarships Make a Difference

To help create a diverse pipeline of future PR practitioners, affect long-lasting change and provide a meaningful difference in the lives of students, the minimum to establish a scholarship is $1,000, with scholarships of $3,000 and more having the biggest impact on a student's success outcomes.

A review of Humber's scholarship program found that scholarships of $3,000 or more have the most impact on a student's ability to afford their education, limit the hours they need to work, allow them to focus on their studies and lead to high academic achievement.

We encourage a pledge commitment over 3-5 years so that a sustained, reliable and consistent foundation of scholarship support can be developed for deserving students in the PR Program.

Scholarships can be named, and your organization's support will demonstrate its commitment to students and their ability to gain the training and expertise they need to excel in their career from day one.

Meaningful Engagement

  • Scholarship donors are invited to a special celebration event where they can engage with recipients of their scholarships.
  • Donors receive pertinent information about recipients of their scholarships and notes of gratitude.
  • Many organizations choose to publicly celebrate their scholarship through social media, blog posts or news releases.

To establish your scholarship, please contact Nikolas Tsirgielis at or 647-201-0969

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Customizing your Scholarship

In addition to directing your scholarship towards racialized students with financial need, there are several criteria options that can be used to customize your scholarship further and to reflect your organization's interests, such as;

  • Merit: Recognizing student academic achievement and success.
  • Non-Academic Qualities: Supporting students who have achieved non-academic success such as demonstrating leadership, voluntarism, extracurricular activities or making a positive contribution to the classroom, the college or the community.
  • Scholarship Type: Scholarships can attract students (entrance) or retain students as they progress in their credentials (retention).

Humber would be pleased to work with you to confirm criteria for your scholarships.