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A New Look to Celebrate the Arboretum’s Anniversary

arboretum logo

The Humber Arboretum turns 40 this year and we’re marking the occasion with a brand new visual identity and website!

The Arboretum started in 1977 as a hands-on learning space for Humber College landscape students. The organization has now transformed into something larger and more meaningful than ever imagined: a place where a beautiful collection of plants is maintained, proper horticultural and arboricultural techniques are demonstrated, natural areas and wildlife are protected through conservation and restoration practices, educational and research opportunities are facilitated, and community and visitors can gather and make use of our spectacular resources. This vision has been made possible through the support and collaboration of our three founding partners - Humber College, Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA), and the City of Toronto.

The three trees in our new logo represent this amazing partnership; their overlapping canopies depict how each organization stands together as a forest, creating something much greater than they could individually. Collectively, our partners come together to support and enhance our broader ecosystem and community.

The colours of each tree symbolizes:

Teal: This energizing colour embodies how nature rejuvenates and invigorates us, stimulating ideas, connection, and clarity. The mix between blue and green is also the hue of the Humber River, reflecting the infinity of the trees and sky.

Green: Representing life, harmony, and renewal, green reminds us that spending time in nature is integral for our wellbeing. It also represents the plant life in the Arboretum.

Red: Symbolizes the joy and passion the Arboretum brings to all that we do. This includes the care we put into looking after our natural environment and learning spaces and how we engage, educate, and inspire our visitors. Red also represents the beckoning colour of the door of the Centre for Urban Ecology.

We’re proud to introduce our new brand to the Humber community. We welcome you to explore and enjoy our website and learn about all we have to offer.

-Alexandra Link
Director, Humber Arboretum and Centre for Urban Ecology

-Gina Antonacci
Associate VP Academic,
Humber College Humber Arboretum Management Committee representative, Humber College