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Photography Permit Terms of Service

If your photography permit is approved, the following terms and conditions will apply:


  1. Is valid only on the date and for the time specified on the permit.
  2. Allows photos to be taken within the outdoor space of the Humber Arboretum grounds. Photos are NOT permitted within the Centre for Urban Ecology Building.
  3. Does not guarantee the holder any particular site on the Humber Arboretum grounds. We reserve the right to book other photography sessions on the same day and time, so access to specific sites is on a first-come- first-served basis.
  4. Is for a maximum party size of 25 people.
  5. Is not transferable to another party.
  6. Is issued at the discretion of the Humber Arboretum, which reserves the right to cancel this permit upon breach of any of the regulations contained herein.
  7. Will be refunded (less a $25.00 service charge) if the cancellation request is received a minimum of 15 working days prior to the permit date. No refund is available due to inclement weather conditions, if a cancellation request is received less than 15 days before the date of the permit, or any cause beyond our reasonable control (Force Majeure*) *including acts of war, earthquake, flood, embargo, riot, sabotage, terrorism, labour dispute, or government acts.


  1. Is responsible for ensuring that their party uses designated parking areas. Limos, stretch vehicles, and buses may drop off & pick up the party, but must park off-site for the remaining time. Personal vehicles will follow Humber Parking Services regulations. Parking in the Arboretum entrance turn circle is strictly prohibited as this is a fire route. Parking in the fire route will result in a $250 fine.
  2. Is responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons in their party, including the photographer/videographer, so as to minimize interference with and/or disruption of other guests on the premises. Please Note: Drone Photography, smoke bombs, smoke grenades, pyrotechnics, & fireworks are strictly prohibited on Arboretum grounds.
  3. Is responsible for any and all damages caused by members of their party to any plant material, building, structure, equipment or other property of the Humber Arboretum or Humber College.
  4. Must advise the photographer(s)/videographer(s) that any breach of the regulations contained herein could result in their being banned from the Arboretum grounds.
  5. The use or presence of alcoholic beverages or intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited, as is the sale or serving of food and/or beverages. Neither the Humber Arboretum nor Humber College assumes responsibility for personal property used and/or left on the premises. The Humber Arboretum and Humber College will endeavor to provide every safeguard for the health and welfare of each visitor but will be released from all actions, damages, claims and demands whatsoever, arising out of participation of the permit holder and members of their party, including the photographer/videographer. For immediate security needs, call Public Safety at 416-675- 6622 ext. 4000.
  6. Permit Holders must ensure that they are following all Humber College Protocols on physical distancing, and personal protection equipment must be worn at all times if physical distancing is not possible