Humber Coat-of-Arms

In May 2003, under the direction of the Board of Governors, Humber petitioned the Canadian Heraldic Authority to develop a coat-of-arms for Humber. The granting of armorial bearings is formal recognition of the petitioner’s contribution to its community, within Canada and elsewhere. The Coat-of-Arms was officially awarded to Humber on September 15, 2005 by the Herald Chancellor and the Chief Herald of Canada.

Applications of the Coat-of-Arms

The coat-of-arms is a distinguished and official symbol with an elevated status that is set apart from the logo, symbol and other marketing/ communications tools. It is a heraldic device, and is intended for ceremonial application only. It is an emblematic description of the founding of the institution.

The coat-of-arms is not intended to replace the logo or wordmark. It is to be used only for official academic documents (degrees, diplomas, certificates), materials related to Convocation and other academic ceremonials, governance records and documents, selected invitations, limited use on commemorative pieces (ties), and where legally required.

For more information on applications of the Coat-of-Arms, please contact the Marketing & Communications Department at Humber.