Humber Executive and Board of Governors

Executive Team

  • Chris Whitaker
    President and CEO
  • Jason Hunter
    Vice-President, Students and Institutional Planning
  • Lori A. Diduch
    Vice-President, Human Resources
  • Sanjay Puri
    Vice-President, Administration and CFO
  • Kelly Jackson
    Vice-President, External Affairs and Professional Learning
  • Gina Antonacci
    Senior Vice-President, Academic
  • Scott Briggs
    Chief Information Officer

Board of Governors

  • Akela Peoples
  • Alex Sein
  • Ali Ghiassi
  • Ana Fernandes (Board Chair)
  • Andrew Leopold
  • Anne Trafford
  • Audrey Wubbenhorst
  • Earl Davis
  • Joe Markovic
  • Linda Bertoldi
  • Michelle Hastick-Cowell
  • Steven Pinnock
  • Thomas Barlow (Board Vice-Chair)
  • Tina Chiu
  • Chris Whitaker (President and CEO)