The Humber brand is much more than a logo.

It is an experience that we promise to our audiences — one that meets their needs, inspires them, and moves them to action. When we properly manage our brand, it can become one of our most valuable assets — one that is recognized, memorable and relevant. To build a  valuable brand, we must communicate and express it consistently at every point of contact with both external and internal audiences.

To help you develop your own marketing communication materials and to better understand the Humber brand, we have built this website to be a resource and toolkit with Humber Brand elements for your marketing and communications needs.

We are currently using a consolidated, college-wide general advertising approach, and the messaging focuses on the differentiation between Humber and other post-secondary education institutions (PSEs). We answer the question “Why Humber” with polytechnic brand messages that promote:

  • learning experience (online and in-person) and
  • industry/peer connections and networking opportunities.

We anchor all our external recruitment advertising with the “We are future focused” tagline, referencing the current and future state of employment and what both employers and students need in order to be successful.  It appears in all our advertising channels, space permitting, along with the Humber logo. All operational, student support or primarily internal-facing services will continue to maintain the current master tagline “We are Humber”.

More details can be found in our newly refreshed Humber Brand Guide (Dec 2020), posted in the Brand Guide section of this website.