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Women Entrepreneurs
Start my Business Boot Camp

Have you been thinking about starting your own business or venture? Are you a women in the Humber community?

The Humber Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship (Longo CfE) is dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs of every age, stage and culture to achieve their business dreams. We believe in fostering leadership. We believe that everyone deserves an equal shot at success. We believe in connecting you with the right people, skills and support to make it happen.


You are eligible for the Start My Business Bootcamp if: 

  • You identify as a cis or trans woman, non-binary, gender-fluid or gender nonconforming person
  • 50% or more of your business is owned by a cis or trans woman, non-binary, gender-fluid, or gender nonconforming person
  • Your company may have been recently set up (or not) but has no revenue
  • Your company isn't generating enough money to pay you a full salary
  • You are open to feedback and new ideas.
  • You are open to providing regular constructive feedback to the program.

Start My Business: Your Organization and Customer Relations

Inside the Your Organization and Customer Relations section of the Start My Business program, you'll learn how to manage your personal budget, protect yourself legally, create systems for managing your business finances, and develop a sales and marketing strategy that drives results.

If this sounds or feels like what you need, you are ready for the Start My Business program!

Program Information

Who is this right for?

Your business may have been recently set up (or not) but has no revenue. As a founder, you have a lot of different ideas that you are working on at the same time and new business ideas may still arise from time to time. Your company isn't generating enough money to pay you a full salary or to pay its first employee.

Challenges you have might include:

  1. Finding the right customers to create revenue in both the short and the long run.
  2. Developing and creating the right product portfolio that is attractive to the customers.
  3. Learning all the basic disciplines that it takes to build a business.

Program Dates

January 24 – March 7 (7 weeks)
Tuesdays, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Online through ZOOM

Program Modules

Module 1: Your Continued Start Up Journey

Big journeys begin with small steps. In this module, we’ll discuss what may hold an entrepreneur from starting a business and describe how life experiences teach us business skills. You'll outline your plan for the start of your company, set 30-60-90 days goals, complete a 360 screening of your business to gain perspective and make more informed decisions moving forward.

Module 2: Your Personal Budget

As entrepreneurs, one of the main things we must do is find ways to increase revenue. Before we can do this, we also must know how we are spending our money, and how we can make it work for us. In this module, we will discuss your personal budget, how to track expenses, what is impacted by credit scores and lastly, your personal financial goals.

Module 3: Legal Issues and Your Business Structure

As entrepreneurs who are just starting out, deciding when and how to register your business can be a difficult decision without first understanding all your options. In this module, we will discuss the types of business structures, when and how to register for HST, provincial and federal legal requirements for your business, and how to protect yourself in advance of legal issues.

Module 4: Financials & Bookkeeping 101

As new entrepreneurs, bookkeeping and financials can be intimidating, but once you have the foundation you need to create a system for your finances, you’ll be able to make intentional financial decisions that benefit your business. In this module, we will discuss the earning power of your company’s offerings, how to manage cash flow, costs and expenses, and how to prepare for tax season.

Module 5: Your Sales Strategy

As entrepreneurs our sales strategy is always evolving, but in the beginning, we need to find out what makes us stand out, and how best to sell to our customers. In this module, we will discuss your company’s five P’s, how to create a strong sales chain, how to plan your monthly sales activities and how to deliver great service throughout your customer's buying process.

Module 6: Marketing and the Digital World

As entrepreneurs, we have a great need to market ourselves, when we want to draw the customers’ attention to our new company and our new products. In this module, we will discuss marketing opportunities, communicating your core messages, lead generation and tools to help you automate your marketing and sales.

Module 7: How Do I Make This Happen? Next Steps

Having completed all the earlier modules, you are now ready to design the systems you need to run your business and how you will serve your customers. By making decisions and taking action one-by-one, you are ready for regular customers and a steady income.