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Aditi Bhardwaj - IT Service Desk Analyst, Home Trust Company

Where did you move to Canada from?

I moved to Canada from India in October 2017.

What was your profession back home?

I was working as a System and Database administrator at IBM. I worked on projects with multi-national clients and ensured their IT infrastructure was up and running 24*7. I enjoyed a successful career in India with great work-life balance.

What difficulties did you face job searching when you first arrived in Canada?

When I first came to Canada in 2017, I faced challenges in finding a job that matched my skill-set. Even though I had the knowledge and experience to do the job, the absence of Canadian work experience was a huge road-block. Differences in the Canadian job market and hiring process also posed significant problems.

Why did you choose Humber?

I came to know that Humber provides a great bridging program to help new immigrants find suitable jobs in their own profession. I attended the information session and found the course relevant to my experience. So I enrolled in the IT Infrastructure Bridge training program. It proved to be a good decision for my career!

How did Humber help you land your current job?

Humber college played a significant role in landing my current job. Having a degree from a prestigious college does add a lot of value to one’s resume. The mock interviews conducted by industry experience professionals particularly helped me with my job interviews. The experienced faculty at Humber helped in brushing up our skills and knowledge. I also gained a great network of IT professionals in my fellow students at Humber.

How was your experience working with the Humber staff?

I really appreciate the help and support offered by Kim (Humber's Job Developer), Shashi (Employment Advisor), Pritam (Project Coordinator), and the entire faculty. They have been very supportive and encouraging. They organized meetings and discussions which were very fruitful. I cannot thank them enough for the confidence they showed in each one of us.

How does it feel to have restarted your career in Canada?

It takes sometime to achieve the level of success that we enjoy in our home country but it's definitely worth the effort. The Canadian job market is very competitive and newcomers need to work very hard to carve a niche. I am now hopeful of a great life in Canada.

What are your plans for the future?

I am working on improving my skill set and adding diverse technical experience to my resume. I plan on clearing certification exams relevant to my work and looking to grow in positions that utilize my complete skill set. If I get a chance I would love to come back to Humber and enroll for continuing my educational journey.

About the IT Infrastructure Bridging Program:

Humber’s IT Infrastructure Bridging Program is a 15-week program for newcomers to Canada with education and experience in information technology, computer science or engineering (computer, electronics or electrical).

The IT Infrastructure Bridging Program is made available through funding from the Government of Ontario.

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