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Opportunities to Engage With Humber College

Enhance the visibility of your organization by partnering with Humber College. Engage with our students, graduates, staff and community through:

Tap into a pool of internationally-trained professionals who have been through Humber’s Bridging Programs. We organize job fairs and other hiring events (individual or group of companies) customized to your needs. These events showcase experienced and pre-screened candidates for specific roles as sought by employers.

Our advisory committees bring together industry professionals from across different sectors to provide valuable insights into the content of our bridging programs. Be part of a dynamic group and help us prepare the labour force to meet your needs.

Share your expertise and experiences with a class of internationally-trained professionals from your field. Gain visibility for your organization and position yourself as a leader in your sector. Through your input, you can help someone in your field put their skills and experience to work in Canada.

Mentor a newcomer to Canada and make a real difference. Through this mentoring relationship, you can share valuable knowledge based on your own professional experience, develop your coaching, communication and leadership skills, motivate and support a newcomer to fulfill their potential in Canada.

Organizations that offer programs and services to internationally-trained professionals have an opportunity to connect with Humber’s bridging program participants through presentations, webinars and customized events.

Host a group of Humber’s bridging program students so they learn about your organization, corporate culture, business practices and potential opportunities. Some previous organizations that have facilitated site visits include Home Depot, Canadian Tire, and Wipro, among others.

As our graduates prepare to enter the labour market, you have the opportunity to help them practice their interviewing skills through facilitated sessions. A few volunteers from your company can make a huge difference and help students feel better prepared to restart their careers in Canada.

Your contributions to support our bridging programs are valued – whether big or small, in-kind or financial. Your generosity can support our students in the following ways – sponsoring an event, scholarships, purchasing memberships in professional/industry associations, and more.

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