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How Will You Benefit From Hiring Our Graduates?

  • We provide you with access to pre-screened & job-ready candidates, at no cost
  • Humber staff will provide a quick turnaround of shortlisted candidates for your review
  • Candidates have strong technical skills and sector-specific experience
  • Strong English communication skills and an understanding of Canadian workplace culture
  • Candidates are trained in the latest software currently used in industry
  • Hiring and training incentives of up to $6,000 for eligible employers
  • Flexible hiring options as per your needs

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IT Employer (Comwave Group) interviews Humber Bridging Program Student

Companies That Have Hired Our Graduates


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Learn More About Our Programs and Contact Us

Full Stack .NET Developers

Humber's .NET Developer program develops highly skilled internationally trained IT professionals who are trained in the latest .net technologies including database design, web design, advanced programming with C# and web applications using .Net.

Typical job titles include Software Developers, Systems Programmers, and Business Analysts, among others.

Submit a job posting:

416-675-6622 ext. 4883

IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure program is for experienced internationally trained IT Professionals.  All of our candidates have previous experience and education in IT prior to entering our program.

Typical job titles include Systems Analysts, IT/Network Administrators, Network Analysts, Technical Support, Network Engineer, System Administrators, IT Consultants, among others.

Submit a job posting:

416-675-6622 ext. 5352

Supply Chain Management

Humber’s Supply Chain Bridging program provides employers with a talent pool of highly skilled supply chain professionals. Participants who complete our program are job ready, understand the Canadian workplace culture and communications and are able to combine their skills, knowledge and international expertise to successfully meet sector employers expectations.

Typical job titles include Supply Chain Managers, Operations Managers, Logisitics Coordinators, and Inventory Managers, among others.

Submit a job posting:

416-675-6622 ext. 4883

OSLT Project Management, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Sales & Marketing

Humber’s occupation-specific language training courses in Project Management, Entrepreneurship/ Sales & Marketing, as well as Technology, provide Internationally-experienced Professionals (IEPs) with the knowledge of Canadian workplace culture and the language skills to communicate effectively on the job.

Submit a job posting:

416-675-6622 ext. 72065

Employer Testimonials



“DPM Energy has hired multiple graduates of Humber's Bridging Programs. These graduates have turned into valuable employees. Graduates from Humber rank more highly for us than those without these programs. It is a valuable asset when deciding who to hire for any of our openings.”

– Michael Gentile, Senior Team Lead - DPM Energy