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Ameneh Alizadeh - Architectural Designer, Home Technology

“I moved to Canada from Iran in December 2014. I landed here during my pregnancy and 4 months later I gave birth. It was really challenging in itself and I also had to learn English since it is not my first language. But I had a big goal of becoming an Architect in Canada so I had to manage the rest of my life. I learned English mostly by myself – by watching English movies and TV - and I got a survival job in a year and a half. In the meantime, I took up a few courses that would help me in the field of Architecture – like Revit and Ontario Building Code. I searched and collected as much information about my career as possible.

After this, a friend of mine told me to take up Humber’s Bridging Program because it would be helpful – and it was! Before this, when I posted my resume on online job portals, I did not receive a response from even a single one. When Rick (Bridging Program Job Developer) sent job leads to me, I got several interviews! He sent me the posting for the job opening at Home Technology – the job I have right now. Both him and Saddiya (Humber’s Employment Advisor) helped me with my Resume and taught me how to communicate in the interviews. Christopher (Program Coordinator) was always positive and he motivated me a lot. When I first landed here many people told me it’s impossible to work in Architecture, but I always believed that I loved my field. So why should I change that?

I would like to thank all the people who helped and supported me. Also, I would like to encourage newcomers to stay positive in trying to get their first job so that they can gain Canadian experience - which is so important. Follow your heart, believe in yourselves and never give up!"

About the Engineering Skills Enhancement Bridging Program

Humber offers a 15-week bridging program for internationally educated civil, mechanical and electrical engineers and architecture professionals with training in the latest technical and software skills in demand by Ontario employers. The Engineering Skills Enhancement bridging program is made available through funding from the Government of Ontario.

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