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ACE Skills for Success Advising Seminar

Course Code: ACEC A10

This course is intended to introduce students to a number of key topics that will assist them in developing their academic and career skills and allow them to meet their goals as self-directed learners. Through class lectures, exercises and discussions, students will reflect on their academic challenges and strengths and learn to take responsibility for their own work. The objective of this course is to ensure that learners acquire the skills that will assist them in setting their own goals in preparation for postsecondary studies. Students are required to participate in developing an individual training plan, with a clear understanding of the commitment needed for success. By providing a supportive and respectful learning environment, it is expected that learners will see their own strengths and take responsibility for their own work. The skills taught in this program are expected to support learners in developing achievable personal goals related to further education, employment and independence.

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