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Registration Policies - Continuous Professional Learning

By registering you agree to be aware of and pay the enrolment fees. You acknowledge and understand our payment procedures and deadlines to avoid unnecessary fines, interest, service charges or possible course deletions. You agree to drop all courses which you no longer plan to complete by the specified deadlines.

REFUND INFORMATION: Generally $25 of the fee is non-refundable unless Humber cancels the course. However, some courses have unique refund policies (such as Commercial Driver Training). Please be sure you understand the refund policy before you register.

If Humber cancels the course, a full refund will be granted. If you decide to Drop, Transfer or Withdraw from your course, you must do this by logging into the CPL Learner Portal before the date listed under Important Dates on this webpage. Drop/transfer/withdraw deadlines are also posted in the Learner Portal and are noted in your Registration Receipt email. Note: Leaving an email or phone message to request a drop, transfer or withdrawal is not acceptable and will not be processed. There are exceptions to this policy for some courses/programs (such as Commercial Driver Training Courses where Drop/Transfer/Withdrawal is permitted up to 21 days prior to the course start date only by written email request submitted to

For Refunds, where payment was made by Visa or MasterCard, a credit will be applied to the credit card that was used.

ACADEMIC REGULATIONS: apply to all Learners enrolled in any program or course offered by Humber at any location. These policies and procedures outline the requirements that Learners need to fulfill to uphold their academic responsibilities. It also provides an outline of the process involved in resolving academic issues.

LEARNER CODE OF CONDUCT: outlines individual and community expectations regarding Learner actions and behavior. The Code defines that Learners are responsible for acting in a manner that respects others and promotes their well-being and safety.

You may contact the Continuous Professional Learning office if you do not accept the Term and/or if you require clarification.