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Winning Presentations

We received 62 team submissions in the Humber Beyond COVID-19: Global Systems Gap Challenge. Submissions were evaluated for their ability to demonstrate understanding of a systemic issue, illustrate the current solutions landscape, and analyze the gaps/spaces for future intervention. Our expert panel deliberated and chose the top eight teams, two teams for each theme!

Theme: Business

team 11 presentation

Team 11

Agents of Atlas

Why do a large number of small businesses in Ontario tend to close in five years?

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Mishal Chaudry, Computer Engineering Technology;
Kristopher Dorneles, Federal University of Goiás (Brazil)

team 17 presentation

Team 17

Remote Networking Revolutionaries

Why hasn’t Ontario, Canada adopted a proactive approach towards remote work despite the substantial benefits for both employees and employers?

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Sasha Acevedo, Bachelor of Commerce (Finance);
Francisca Figueroa, Global Business Management;
Truc Linh Nguyen, Global Business Management;
Audrey Michelle Wenny Yolanda, Hasanuddin University (Indonesia)

Theme: Social Innovation

team 6 presentation

Team 6


Despite significant investments by governments and the private sector in the past decade, why does affordable housing continue to be a serious challenge in the Greater Toronto Area?

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Song Chen, Business - Accounting;
Bamidele Oladokun, Business Management - Entrepreneurial Enterprise

team 28 presentation

Team 28


Why are food banks suffering on a community level? Specifically looking into the Daily Bread Food Bank.

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Celine Pham, Bachelor of Commerce (International Business);
Zenab Ali, Human Resources Management;
Vehryl Aprialdi ardini, Hasanuddin University (Indonesia)

Theme: Education

team 20 presentation

Team 20

Global Bridge

Why do recent (1-2 years) business graduates in Canada struggle to find relevant jobs?

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Tatsuya Murakami, Kansai Gaidai University (Japan);
Jessica Lynn, Electromechanical Engineering Technology;
Phu Nguyen, Bachelor of Commerce (Finance);
Jessica Cole, Business Administration;
Canh Thai Binh Nguyen, Global Business Management;
Ratih Nasri, Hasanuddin University (Indonesia)

team 44 presentation

Team 44

The Eduvation Approach

Despite innovations in education, a gap in literacy in the elementary educational level still exists in traditionally low income neighbourhoods in Toronto.

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Haya Masood, Content Strategy;
Thuan Nhan Nguyen, Bachelor of Public Relations;
Blessy Dev, Global Business Management;
Valrie McKenzie, University of Technology (Jamaica)

Theme: Health & Wellness

team 35 presentation

Team 35


Why does food insecurity in Nunavut continue to rise despite the rise in federal subsidies before and during COVID-19?

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Emily McClung, Content Strategy;
Leanne Sagun, Bachelor of Commerce (Healthcare Management)

team 59 presentation

Team 59

Team Umbreytingu

How does anxiety and depression lead to increasing rate of suicide in Tokyo?

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Linelle Griffith-Ray, Bachelor of Public Relations;
Ayushi Shah, Marketing Management;
Laura Clayson, Bachelor of Film and Media Production;
Jordan Freeman, Broadcasting - Radio Diploma;
Ziling Yuan, Prospective Student;
Ami Maruki, Kansai Gaidai University (Japan)