Employee well-being and engagement can be both individual (affecting each employee differently and personally) and collective or organizational (affecting a group of employees the same way).  There are three perspectives from which we consider the impacts of employee well-being and engagement:


What I think?

How I Feel?

What I Say?


What I Do?

What I Give?


What I Get?

Why I Stay?

Employee Well-Being, Engagement and You Diagram

What I Get

The various ways the organization addresses all the needs of the individual, that lead to deep engagement.

What I Give

The level of commitment and physical effort the  individual gives to the organization.

How I Feel

The Individual’s emotional or psychological investment in the organization.

What I Say

The stories or anecdotes about the organization that the individual shares with others.

What I Think

The individual’s view of the organization.

Why I Stay

What the individual gets from the organization that aligns to their various needs.

What I Do

How the individual behaves and reacts to what is experienced.