The Office of Research & Innovation (ORI) supports faculty and staff members who want to engage in applied research activities by collaborating with industry and community partners to solve real-world problems.


Faculty researchers bring innovation into the classroom, which helps to prepare students for career success. ORI works with faculty to bring forward projects and create connections with industry and community partners. This can happen in a number of different ways: industry, community or not-for-profit partner-driven capstone projects can provide students with valuable skills and relevant work experience; projects funded by one of Humber’s internal research funds enable faculty members to pursue their own research interests and engage students as active members of the research team; externally funded projects allow faculty members to stay actively involved in their field, cultivate industry partnerships, and provide intensive work experiences for students.

Research & Innovation helps faculty members form new partnerships, especially interdisciplinary collaborations, and explore innovative ways to enhance curriculum. Ideas can start with a sketch on the back of a lunchroom napkin or with a blue-sky conversation at an event or trade show.

Are you a Humber faculty member interested in pursuing research? Complete the Researcher Intake Form and a Research & Innovation staff member will contact you once it has been submitted.

Featured Researchers

  • Ginger Grant

    Office of Research and Innovation
    Ginger Grant

    Dr. Ginger Grant is the Dean of Research & Innovation at Humber College in Canada and a Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School in...

  • Salomeh Ahmadi

    Faculty of Social & Community Services
    Salomeh Ahmadi

    Salomeh Ahmadi, BHSc, MBA, is a professor, consultant, researcher, and activist. She is interested in the areas related to equity-seeking groups, and the interrelations across...

  • Maria Jacome

    Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology
    Maria Jacome

    Maria Jacome is a Faculty Member of the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Canada, where she teaches in the programs of Civil...

  • Timothy Wong

    Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology
    Timothy Wong

    Tim Wong, Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology (FAST): Dr. Wong holds a Ph.D. in networking from the University of Manchester and has...