New Fee Refund Request eForm

As of October 2021, students requesting a refund can be directed to the new Fee Refund Request eForm located in MyHumber. 

Students should no longer be directed to email to request a refund. Fee refund requests must now be submitted via MyHumber:

MyHumber > Student > Student Account & Fees > Fee Refund Request eForm

Please note, to support the new/incoming student experience, the process for semester one student refund requests will be as follows:

  • Domestic semester one only – direct new students contact Admissions to discuss their registration status or withdrawal from the semester/program. Admissions will assign a Student Action Form (SAF) to Fees to initiate a refund. 
  • International semester one only – direct new students to connect with an International Advisor by submitting the International Contact Form at to discuss their registration status, impact on their study permit, etc. International will assign a SAF to Fees to initiate a refund.

All domestic and international continuing/returning students should also always be encouraged to consult an advisor if they are considering a program/course withdrawal. The continuing/returning student will be responsible for submitting their own Fee Refund Request eForm via MyHumber. 

For more information about fees and refunds, please visit