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Do you feel like you have a million questions, but are afraid to ask or don't know where to get the answer? Well - you're in luck! We've developed a list of FAQs that other first-year students like yourself typically ask our Peer Mentors and/or Senior Peer Mentors.

How can I get a job on campus?

Here are a few ways to get started:

  1. Go to Humber’s Career Centre (located on the first floor of the Welcome Centre) and speak to an advisor! You can book an appointment with them to explore job options.
  2. Reach out to the department you wish to work directly! Most departments have an office with someone at the front desk.
  3. Visit Humber’s job portal and log on as a student using your N number and password. Hint: Departments at Humber tend to hire around February or March for the Fall semester.
  4. Make sure to keep an eye out for the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) Experience Expo to learn about on-campus jobs and volunteering opportunities that are taking place in the Summer and Fall!


How do I become more involved on campus?

Visit our blog for tips and tricks, look for volunteer opportunities within your program (ask your professor if you’re interested in getting involved with your program) and with different departments (for example, First Year Experience (FYE), Consent Peer Education Program (CPEP), Student Leadership Academy, Orientation, or Humber Athletics). If you are looking for clubs specifically, IGNITE has several clubs listed on their website.


Where are the printers on campus?

There are several printing stations located around campus; 1) in the Library (A/B building), 2) in L Commons, 3) the first floor of the Welcome Centre (be mindful of the 10-page limit per day), 4) in F Building, 5) in ANX Building.

I'm confused by the lettering of the buildings/ cottages. How do I navigate where my classes are?

All cottages are labelled alphabetically (C-K). L Building is located in the middle of the cottages (grey, glass building). ANX building is down the street from the campus (large, grey abstract building labelled Humber). Each of those commonly used buildings has classrooms in them. To break down a room number here is an example: WEL 201 à WEL means its located in the Welcome Centre, 2 means it’s on the second floor and 01 usually means it’s the first room on the floor. When in doubt, as long as you are in the building or cottage you should be, there will be signage at every entrance to a given floor.

Where can I purchase books?

The Humber Bookstore should house all of your assigned textbooks. However, there are alternatives to buying textbooks such as reaching out to upper-year students, searching on Amazon or other online bookstores.


Where can I get help for writing essays?

The writing centre located in F201 (which is beside the Math Centre) is a great resource! Peer Assisted Learning Services (PALS) at Humber is another great alternative for you to get 1:1 assistance or in a workshop setting.


How can I make more friends on campus?

Attend as many events as you can! Get involved with departments in Student Life.

Where can I get help with proper APA/MLA writing?

Check out these tutorials on the Humber Library website: https://library.humber.ca/APA-MLA


If you still have questions and it hasn’t been listed here, consider reading some of our other useful blog posts or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram (@fyelakeshore)!


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