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By now you've probably heard people constantly telling you to "get invovled" on campus! Well, here are a few ways to get started...


Go to events

Departments such as us, First Year Experience (FYE), and Athletics host events for social opportunities, to better your physical health and mental health and to simply take a break from being a student. Follow all the departments (on social media) that you're interested in getting involved with so you can stay up to date with their upcoming events and other campus opportunities.


Attend workshops

FYE conducts workshops each week (for the first seven weeks of the semester) for first-year students to gain insight into student life. From terminology to campus services, Strong Start will walk you through life at Humber. Instagram: @fyelakeshore OR @humbernorthfye

Peer Assisted Learning Support (PALS) facilitates workshops on campus all year round for academic success. 

The Student Leadership Academy offers a variety of workshops including conflict management, professionalism, and sustainability. Instagram: @humberleaders


Join a program or team

We provide first-year students with the opportunity to have a mentor for their first semester. How it works: first-year students are matched up with a mentor in their same program or academic school (IE. Business School). This mentor is a resource for students to ask questions, hear about campus events and more! @fyelakeshore OR @humbernorthfye

The BASE is to support students who self-identify as African, Blank and Caribbean in achieving their goals through the delivery of academic, career, social and cultural supports and interventions. Be sure to check them out in A168 (Lakeshore) or LRC 2112 (North). Instagram: @thebasehumber

The LGBTQ+ Resource Centre is located in the Welcoming Centre, they create a safe, brave, and positive space for students to connect and build community. They also facilitate discussions such as QTALK and Transgressions, host book club meetings, and host events throughout the year! Instagram: @humberlgbtq

Humber Athletics offers intramurals, extramurals, and FREE fitness classes. The benefits of getting involved with athletics include improving mental and physical health and meeting new people who may share similar interests. Instagram @humberlakeshore_athletics OR @humberfitnessnorth

The Aboriginal Resource Centre gives Aboriginal students the opportunity to be supported through college life while enhancing awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal culture. Keep an eye out for their events such as the movie cafe, and the Indigenous Knowledge Gathering! Instagram: @humber_arc


Work on campus

Needing to earn a little extra? Become a work study student and work on campus.


Become a leader

Get involved with Student Leadership Programs to explore your skills as a leader and take on new challenges. By participating you will develop your strengths, discover your passions and connect leadership skills to your future career goals.

Opportunities to get involved:

  • Leadership Conference
  • My Leadership Journey
  • Leadership Retreat
  • Advanced Workshop Series


Learn more about campus involvement on the Humber website under Student Life.



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