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Are you an upper-year student? Interested in getting involved on campus? Become a Peer Mentor with FYE!


This summer FYE had the pleasure of hearing from an upper-year student that has been heavily involved with FYE for the past four years. Amberley May is a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Child and Youth Care (CYC) program. Amberley gave us the breakdown of her experience at Humber so far. Keep reading for the inside scoop about being involved on campus.



How long have you been a part of First Year Experience (FYE)? What roles have you obtained during that time?

I have been a part of FYE for four years now. During my time with FYE, I have been a Peer Mentor.


Did you have a Peer Mentor (PM) in your first year? If so, what was the relationship with your PM as a mentee?

“I did have a Peer Mentor during my first year. I had an excellent relationship with my PM when I was a mentee. They were always there for me when I had questions. They were also part of the reason I joined the FYE team as a Peer Mentor.”


How has FYE impacted your post-secondary experience?

“FYE has given me the chance to explore the social aspect of my post-secondary experience. My time isn’t spent just focusing on my schoolwork, and I am able to come out of my comfort zone.”


What advice would you give to a first-year student who wants to get involved on campus?

Do it! - “It might seem frightening at first, but the people on campus are very welcoming. There is something for everyone to do, and if you’re passionate about it, there is nothing better than getting involved.”


Where is your favourite spot on campus when you need to study or fill time between classes?

“I have three spots that I like to go to. For studying, it is definitely the library. They have quiet study spaces for individual studying, and group study rooms if you want to study with your friends. For filling time between classes, I like to either go to the K building, and play a few rounds of pool or take a nap in the sleep lounge, or going the [Welcome Centre], second floor in the FYE student lounge. There is always something fun to do there, whether it’s sitting with friends, or taking part in an FYE event!”


Did you receive advice in your first year that has stuck with you during your time at Humber? If yes, what was it?

“Try everything, at least once.” - “This stuck with me because, in my first year, I was extremely anxious about trying anything new. The moment I started being a Peer Mentor, I realized that this advice was going to help me get through all those moments of “should I give this a try, or not.”


It has been a pleasure to have Amberley on our team! We cannot wait to see what she will accomplish next semester and in her future after graduation.


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