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In a few words, the term first-generation student implies that your parent(s) or guardian(s) did not attend post-secondary and you're the first in your family to do so. This may mean that it's challenging to ask your parent(s) school-related questions or explain your anxiety and stress during the semester. It could also mean it's challenging for them to understand what you're experiencing as a student. 

We reached out to first-generation students in our FYE community to give you advice as you begin your first year experience at Humber.


“Don’t be shy, put yourself out there! Interact with your classmates and find ways to get involved around campus. Always make time to have fun, but don’t neglect your schoolwork. Stay focused and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Also, wait until you’ve had your first class before you buy textbooks because you might not even need them!” - Kimone


“Feeling isolated can be a motivating factor to hide in your shell and keep a low profile, but being vulnerable with others by letting them know who you are will actually be the key to having an amazing, balanced, academic career.” - Mikee



“I remember being in my first few weeks as an undergrad, I felt so overwhelmed and behind because I didn’t know which classes to register for, or how to get my course syllabus, or how to apply for OSAP. You don’t have to figure out everything on your own! Humber has a ton of services for you to use to help you find your answers. I also remember feeling behind because some students knew professionals who were able to offer them amazing job experiences that I thought I had no chance of getting. My advice is to network. Talk to your professors about volunteer or job opportunities. Reach out to employers on LinkedIn for “information interviews” to see what skills you need to build. Volunteer or work on campus because Humber is committed to building transferable career skills. Attend career and job fairs, and keep a note of the names and e-mails of people you interacted with.” - Joanne



“Do your research. Ask questions about everything and be open. I experienced a huge culture shock when I started school in Toronto. I learned to become independent and realized how important it was to get involved outside the classroom.” - Andi



The First Year Experience program will pair you with an upper-year student in your program or academic school. Your mentor is a great way to ask program-related questions, learn about campus life and everything in between! For more information head over to our mentee page, https://humber.ca/student-life/fye/GetAMentor


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