Note for Guelph-Humber students - the student web portal is not available to Guelph-Humber students. When you submit a renewal form, Accessible Learning Services will distribute your accommodation letter by email to Guelph-Humber (unless you direct us not to) and you will be copied on that message to confirm distribution and have a record of your letter.


It is important to know that your Accommodation Letter is not automatically renewed each semester. If you would like to use your academic accommodations, you need to submit a renewal request each semester. You can easily request that your accommodations be renewed by submitting the online form below.

Accommodation Letter Renewal Form


What if I need to request a change to my accommodations?

You may request changes to your accommodations by scheduling an appointment with your Accessibility Consultant. Contact us to book an appointment


Should I let you know if I've experienced any changes in my disability?

If you have experienced any changes in your disability (e.g., a new diagnosis, an alteration in your condition) that affect your accommodation or support needs, feel free to contact us to book an appointment with your Accessibility Consultant.


How do I view my Accommodation Letter online?

If you are a Humber College student, you can view and download your most recent accommodation letter online through the Student Web Portal

  1. Log in with your Humber username and password
  2. Select the current term
  3. Select "view accommodations"
  4. You can either print your letter or save it on your computer by selecting "Generate PDF letter" on the "view accommodations" page.

For security reasons, please remember to log out at the end of your session.

For more information on accessing the Student Web Portal, please see our Student Portal Guide