A Valid Health Coverage is required to access medical attention at the Health Centre. Both Canadian Residents and International students can access the services of the Health Centre.

To access our Counselling Services, students do not require Health Coverage.

On each visit to the Health Services you will be need:

  • Your valid Humber College/University of Guelph Humber Student Identification Card
  • A valid Provincial Health Card (Canadian Resident)* Health Card from Ontario is referred to as OHIP Card.


  • A valid International Student Health Insurance Card- MORCARE (International Students)

Instructions on how to get your MORCARE Insurance Card is available here.

Note: International Students can learn about their health insurance plan at the International Student Centre or on-line at www.international.humber.ca.

Other Provinces

*With the exception of Quebec Health Card Holders, students from all other provinces are covered by the Health Insurance of their home province, providing that their health card is up to date. Simply present your province’s health card at each of your appointment.

Quebec Health Card Holders

If you are a student from Quebec you will be asked to pay for your medical services up front, for which you will be given a receipt. You will need to submit this receipt of payment to the Quebec government to get reimbursed.

Service Fees

Some services that are provided through the Health Centre, are not covered by your Provincial/International Student Insurance Coverage, and hence service fees are charged. (Amounts are based on an OHIP Fee Schedule and subject to change). Please consult with a Nurse or Medical Secretary to learn more about service fees.

There is no direct cost to you if you have a Provincial Health Insurance Card or your International Student Health Insurance Card, to see the doctor. However, be advised that some services are NOT covered by health insurance, such as immunization records, work placement forms, volunteer forms etc.