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Length of program: 4 years
Minimum work placement hours: 400.

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Humber College

86% of Humber students are employed within six months of graduation, and 91% of employers believe that Humber students are prepared for the workforce.

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Establishing your named Scholarship

Scholarships change students’ lives.

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Hear Firsthand how scholarships change lives

Hear firsthand how scholarships change lives and can help students succeed.

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Communications Agency Agnostic Inc. and Humber have launched The Impression Campaign, a Call to Action to challenge public relations (PR) agencies to establish scholarships for racialized students and create a more diverse pipeline of talented PR practitioners entering the profession.

Although 52 per cent of residents identify as a visible minority in the Greater Toronto Area, this diversity is not reflected in the PR sector. Humber has developed leaders in public relations for the last 50 years, making the college uniquely poised to play a vital role, with the support of donors, to build a more diverse workforce from the ground up.

Racialized students face many barriers to postsecondary education including financially and trying to balance school and an often-heavy work schedule, which can affect academic achievement and limit opportunities to participate in extracurricular learning experiences. With the pandemic the need is greater than ever.

Scholarships change students' lives. They provide much needed financial support, ensuring students can continue their educational journey, focus on their studies and take advantage of all that Humber has to offer. In addition, entrance scholarships focused on attracting students provides an incentive to attend Humber and provide the gift of education for students who may otherwise not be able to afford it. Through supporting students in this way, we ensure they can stay in school and become the next leaders in Canadian Public Relations.

The Impression Campaign has been launched with an initial investment from Agnostic towards scholarships for racialized youth.

To date a number of organizations have joined in our campaign to enact long-lasting change for a more diverse PR sector and allowing for diverse voices and perspectives to enrich our industry. These supporters include:

  • Argyle
  • Code Black
  • Edelman Canada
  • H+K
  • Middle Child
  • MSLGroup Canada
  • North Strategic
  • Proof Strategies
  • Rogers Communications
  • The Colony Project
  • Weber Shandwick

To establish your scholarship, please contact Nikolas Tsirgielis at or 647-201-0969

“For an industry that is focused on creating impressions for our clients and also measures itself through impressions, we need to do better at making an impression when it comes to diversity. The Impression Campaign is a way to actively recruit more potential communicators from racialized backgrounds into the industry and will help elevate the work that we can do over the next number of years and beyond.”
- Sarah Crabbe, President, Agnostic


76% of students are concerned about their ability to pay for their tuition


56% of students are concerned with their ability to finance their housing


53% of students are concerned with their ability to pay for their food

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