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Continuous Professional Learning Portal Guides

How-To for Facilitators

This is an overview of the most important functions within the Facilitator Portal. You will be able to manage the courses assigned to you, your course section schedule and class lists.

Facilitators Overview Video

female sitting in front of a computer

A short video on how to navigate the Continuous Professional Facilitator (CPL) portal. You will learn how to access the portal, generate a class list and enter grades.

Instructor Login

To begin, access the Facilitator Login option from the Humber website. You will be able to access the portal using your Humber login credentials. Once you are logged in, your homepage will present a list of menu items on the left with the selected menu item detailed in the centre frame.

My Profile

Under the ‘My Profile’ menu option, you can see information related to your Humber facilitator account. For example, your name, address and contact details.


You can also click on the ‘Courses’ menu option to see a list of assigned courses that are Open for Enrollment/In Progress, Completed, and/or canceled.

When you click on a particular course name, the Class List associated with that specific section will be displayed.

You can also use the Print Class List option to access a list of enrolled learners in a course section, and the Print Attendance Sheet option that provides a list of learners attached a course section, these 2 options can be printed/downloaded as required.

The Email Selected Learners option and the Email All option can be used to communicate with selected learners using the checkbox displayed next to each learner.

Grading Sheet

When you are ready to enter a learner’s grade, click on the Grading Sheet option. The Section Grading Sheet page is displayed showing you the available options for grading learners according to the requirements of the section.

To grade each learner, enter the Final Grade or select a value from the drop-down, enter the completion date, and be sure to click the checkbox next to the Approved’ option. Click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page to certify your updates and approval.

You also have the option to Print the Class Grades, Export the Grades or Print a Blank Template.

Course Profile

You can also review course information by clicking on the ‘Course Profile’ option on the left side of the screen. This will display the Course description, section title, section type, time, dates, schedule/location etc. You can also see Certificates that the course may be applicable towards.

Current Schedule

You’ll also be able to view your most recent schedule when you click on the ‘Current Schedule’ menu option from the left frame. This will display the list of current schedule blocks and details such as the date, the timeslot (with the session status highlighted), schedule type, course, location and facilitators.

You can also filter the schedule list to show all the schedule blocks, or the ones assigned only to you.


You have access to review available help options that can be found under the ‘Help’ menu option on the left panel. This is where you find a detailed job aid to print a class list or entering a grade list.