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Continuous Professional Learning Portal Guides

How to Print Your Certificate

  1. Logon to the Learner Portal 

Learner Login is located at the top of the page in a dropdown under "Login"

  1. Select to logon as a Returning User

  1. Select ‘My Certificates and Designations’ from the left column of your Learner Profile page

  1. In the list of certificates, find the completed certificate and select the ‘Print Certificate’ button


  1. Your completed certificate will open up as a .pdf which you can print, or download and save. If you require a hard-copy to be mailed to you, please email your faculty office:

  1. IMPORTANT: the only version of your certificate that will be accepted by Third Parties is the Official Digital Certificate made available through MyCreds. To request your Official Digital Certificate, log into the Learner Portal then navigate to the Q&A Section. (For complete instructions see the Learner Guide on this webpage ‘How to Request Official Digital Certificates’)