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The Humber Global Intercultural Development Series is an opportunity to build intercultural skills and knowledge essential for fostering equitable, diverse and inclusive communities. Through a series of workshops facilitated in collaboration with Humber units, student ambassadors, community leaders, and partner institutions, you will engage in learning about intercultural topics relevant to your personal growth and understanding of cultural lenses, the spectrum of identity, awareness of implicit bias, and meaningful community engagement in a culturally diverse and interdependent world!


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Because every interaction is intercultural! It is a key competence for anyone interacting in a multicultural environment either at home or abroad. As a participant in the series, you will:

  • Have an introduction to intercultural development and deepen your understanding of social and cultural diversity
  • Have a space to explore your own identities and academic/workplace expectations in a global environment
  • Discuss, reflect and engage with speakers and participants from Humber and around the world
  • Use tools to assess your own biases and the impact of your own cultural lenses in daily interactions with your communities and beyond
  • Connect and network with students, staff, faculty, community organizers, leaders and subject-matter experts


The Cultural Connectors team is looking for new members! Join our group of engaged students to plan cultural activities for the Humber community and beyond. You will work together to design discussion circles, film screenings, language mini-lessons, cooking classes and more and bring intercultural learning to the virtual community.


Check back soon for Fall 2022 events!

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1. Are the workshops open to everyone?

Each workshop has a different audience, depending on the subject matter. In the event listing, you will find more information on the intended audience for delivery. There will be offerings specific to students and/or staff and faculty.

2. Who are the facilitators for the workshops?

Facilitators vary depending on the workshop. Every facilitator has an academic and/or personal history with the subject matter they are discussing. Facilitators will be joining from:

  • Humber units on campus such as BASE, Indigenous Education and Engagement, International, FYE, Sustainability
  • Community organizations
  • Global partner institutions
  • And more

3. How will the workshops be delivered?

The workshops are delivered in an online platform (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.) and you will receive details upon registration. Workshops may not be recorded to respect confidentiality in the room so please note the details in your calendar and arrive on time.

4. Will I receive a certificate of participation or completion? 

You can choose if you want to attend one session, or every session! It is completely up to you. Intercultural development is an ongoing and a life-long process! It requires consistent personal reflections and learning – it is a mindset and practice, not a measurable achievement. For this reason, we do not award a certificate for participation, but the workshops can be added to your Co-Curricular Record.

If you would like to reflect your experience for future employers or your network, we highly suggest you attend the Career and Professional Development workshop as part of this series, where we will discuss how to articulate your intercultural development on LinkedIn, in a resume and in an interview.

5. Can the workshops be added to my Co-Curricular Record?

Yes! Workshops in the series can count toward Co-Curricular Record. The Cultural Connectors team is also eligible for Co-Curricular Record.

6. Do the workshops cost money? 

No! All workshops are free.

7. Sign me up! How do I register?

Registration is easy! To sign up, use our Workshop Calendar to find the workshops/events you are interested in and click “register”. You will receive a confirmation once you have registered.

For more information on the Intercultural Development Series, contact:

Rebecca Trautwein, M.A.
Manager, Global Learning and Engagement