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Applications Now Closed

Thank you to the participants of the 2021 Beyond COVID-19: Global Systems Gap Challenge, in partnership with the City of Toronto! Click here to view highlights from the 2021 experience, and follow along on social media with @humberglobal and #HumberGlobalChallenge!

In Partnership with the City of Toronto

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Join this six-week virtual challenge, in partnership with the City of Toronto, and prepare yourself to become one of the innovative changemakers needed to contribute to the public good beyond COVID-19! Alongside experienced mentors, you will collaborate in teams with participants from around the world to identify what’s needed for systemic and sustainable change, as we build the city of Toronto back better, together. Each team will use a systems thinking mindset to identify some possible paths to future solutions in pressing urban challenges.

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Develop new skills in research, presenting and teambuilding.

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Connect with changemakers from around the world.

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Expand your professional development network.

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Collaborate with Humber and Industry Mentors and present to an expert panel for prizes.

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Use a systems thinking lens to better understand complex global problems.

The Experience

What is the goal of this challenge?

In the span of the last year, COVID-19 has irrevocably transformed economies, arts spaces, communities and health systems, both in Toronto and cities around the world.

That’s why we are calling on YOU.

  • Your team will use a systems thinking mindset to get a better understanding of the root causes to a complex problem and identify gaps in the system for future intervention in the city of Toronto with global insight.
  • Not sure what a systems thinking mindset is? That’s what our mentors and workshops are for! A systems thinking mindset enables us to effect real change by harnessing the interconnectedness of all things. Your team will be guided week-by-week to understand the complexity of solution efforts already underway in this time of COVID-19 and identify where there may be gaps for intervention.
  • You will use the Impact Gap Canvas Tool to guide your research, created by Daniela Papi-Thornton from the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Oxford, with funding from the Clore Social Leadership Program.
  • Through selected research topics rooted in the City of Toronto’s approach to recovery, you will use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Humber Learning Outcomes (HLOs), and Humber’s Centres of Innovation Network (COIs) to guide the challenge topic of your choice!
  • The vision is to foster a community of practice in Toronto where the best minds collaboratively contribute to the public good and develop great ideas on tackling pressing urban challenges as we build back better, together.

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is open to all current Humber students, prospective Humber students, and students from our global partner institutions worldwide!

If you have a(n):

  • Enthusiasm for creating social or environmental change, locally and globally
  • Desire to increase your global network and social connections in a virtual space
  • Willingness to prepare for your future career and develop professionally
  • Readiness to commit to a team and investigate a new future

You are who we are looking for!

What do we submit to complete the challenge?

As a team you will be given a six-week guidebook to support your learning journey throughout the experience. There will be mini-challenges, workshops and a final deliverable, which are all required to complete the full challenge.

In the final weeks of the challenge, you will have two deliverables: an individual reflection and a team presentation. Both are required to complete the finish and will be presented to the Expert Panel for judging as a package. Click here to see last year’s winning presentations!

More structured details will be available in your guidebook which will be available prior to the start of the challenge. Impress us with your depth of research, learning journey and personal reflection, as well as your ability to see connections, gaps, and potential changes that could positively impact your chosen research question!

Who are the Expert Panel Members?

Our esteemed 2020 Expert Panel brought together industry leaders and experts from the Business, Education, Health & Wellness and Social Innovation sectors to evaluate the final submissions and choose the top teams. Click here to see last year’s Expert Panel.

Our 2021 Expert Panel will be announced soon.

What You Will Receive

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All participants who successfully complete the Humber Global Challenge, in partnership with the City of Toronto, will receive an official Certificate of Participation! In addition, a prize package valued at up to $500 CAD will be awarded to the top eight teams (two teams per category) as chosen by our expert panel! In addition, Humber participants may be eligible for CCR or work integrated learning placement hours.

For More Information

On the Beyond COVID-19: Global Systems Gap Challenge, in partnership with the City of Toronto,

check out the FAQ, the Calendar and/or contact us with your questions!