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Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations highlight important processes and may vary depending on your program.

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School-Level Academic Appeals

  • Review an In Course piece of work or Final Exam – Appeals of major assignments worth at least 20% of the final grade and where it is believed there is a discrepancy of at least 10% between the grade earned and the grade believed to have been earned.
  • Grade Review – Appeals based on a miscalculation of the final grade or deviation from the evaluation procedures described in the course outline
  • Review an Academic Decision – Appeals regarding an academic decision pertaining to probation, academic withdraw, expulsion, academic misconduct, or special consideration on the basis of medical, psychological or compassionate grounds.
  • College Level Academic Appeal – Following the completion of the School-Level Academic Appeal, if a major academic decision is not satisfactorily resolved or a student who is subject to the Professional Suitability Policy may launch a College Level Academic Appeal

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