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Find out more about the fees and timelines associated with achieving your educational goals.

Glossary/Common Terms

Securing a source of payment before registration begins through options such as: OSAP funding, a Humber Payment Plan, Scholarship/Bursary, RESP or third-party sponsorship. Students are responsible for making sure the arranged funding is deposited to their Humber Student Account to pay for the full balance of tuition fees as planned by the start of the term. 

Fees charged to support services and activities distinct from academic programming or general overhead for the institution.​

Fees that all students are required to pay to enroll in or successfully complete any course or program of instruction. Changes to ancillary fees are approved by a Fee Protocol Committee and by Humber's Board of Governors.​

Fees for supply or activity costs required in order to successfully deliver the program’s learning outcomes (e.g. uniform, headshot, field trip, venue use, guest speaker, in-person training, admission or placement costs).

Students can register for courses until the last day to add each term. Additional fees may be assessed and require timely payment. Unpaid fees could result in timetable removal.

Students must drop courses by the last day to drop each term in order to be eligible for a refund. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with an advisor before making any changes to their enrolment. Full-time programs are charged as a package each term. Course(s) are not charged individually. A dropped course is not eligible for a refund if full-time status is maintained.​

Terms are defined by season (winter term, summer term and fall term) and can be referred to by the month in which they begin (September, January, May).​

Semesters are defined by number to show academic progression through a program (Semester 1, Semester 2, Semester 3, etc).​