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Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

What If I am Not Eligible for OSAP?​

If you find you are not eligible for OSAP funding, you can still consider other options to help with your tuition and expenses. ​

Make sure to explore as many options as possible and look at your own finances to know what is available to you. Visit a financial institution like a bank to find out more about a student line of credit or a personal loan.​

You can also apply for other scholarships and external awards. Humber gives $7.6 million in scholarships, awards and bursaries every year. Make sure to apply for available opportunities and part of that funding could be yours.

Find out more about the Work-Study program and complete the Work-Study application online to see if you qualify to apply for an available position on campus.​

There are other ways to save and find support on campus as well. Apply for as many opportunities as you can – all you will spend is a bit of your time to possibly gain the financial boost you need!​